Walk Safe on Cleveland Ave.

Drivers of motor vehicles hit more people on the Cleveland Avenue Corridor than on most other Columbus streets. Pedestrians need to be aware of oncoming traffic and keep themselves safe while crossing this street.

Pedestrians in Danger

Over a 5-years period, the number of pedestrian deaths in Columbus increased by approximately 64%. In 2019, 61 Columbus pedestrians were injured by cars and 17 were killed.

Protect Yourself

Look both ways before you cross.
Never assume a driver will see you.
Remove earbuds to hear oncoming traffic.
Cross at a traffic signal or crosswalk if there is one nearby.

Protections Under Construction

The Columbus Department of Public Service is constructing seven new enhanced crosswalks along Cleveland Avenue. Additionally, the Franklin County Engineer’s Office will install 5 new enhanced crosswalks between Huy and Melrose. Each crosswalk will feature a push button system of flashing lights, notifying drivers of a pedestrian intending to safely cross the street. During construction, sidewalks will be temporarily inaccessible to pedestrians. Drivers will need to be aware of people stepping into the street and must drive slowly and cautiously. For pedestrians, the safest way to cross Cleveland Avenue to avoid construction is to wait until oncoming traffic is stopped at a red light, and always look both ways when crossing.
City of Columbus Project:
Construction in Progress
Franklin County Project:
Construction Summer 2025
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Keeping Our Families Safe on #TheAve

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